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A Rap from Romo’s Perspective (Reprise)

I like getting gangbanged by fat guys and frat guys/ fuck me in my ass guys and brash guys/ cum on my eye-lash guys and white-trash guys/ big ass black guys and dildo-strapped guys/ pull out and cum on my back guys show no tact guys/ I wanna get fucked hard and fisted in my butt hard/ Get Justin Tuck Hard/ cock in my face and suck hard/ Get 8 dicks and try my luck hard/ Overdose on Viagra and get stuck hard/ I’on’ giva fuck brah… Im lookin to get nasty raw/ penis slap my face get at me raw/ Cum in a cup drink it like caffeine raw/ I feen for the dick like fat chicks for ice cream/ I might scream if you shove 12inches deep while my ass is wide-ning/ it’s frightening how many penises I can fit in my anus/ Courageous would be the word to describe my amazement at all the dicks in my anus/ So come on down and ride me like a pony/ It 8nt Romo no mo it’s just str8 Tony


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A Rap from Pennington’s Perspective

Verse 1:

Before Coming to Marshall I was partial to girls/ Like the chicks with long hair and the tight pretty curls/ Then came along a transfer named Randy/ We’d stay up all night sippin wine and Brandy/ After our first game and the first TD Score/ We went to Locker Room where I saw a cock like I 8nt neva seen before/ Long with Girth with just one glance of an eye/ Didn’t take me long to suck Mr. Moss dry/ After leaving college I was still addicted to that Pole/ lucky for me I met Laverneus Coles/ Gotta be honest personally it was the BEST SEX YET/ It was good times with the J E T S JETS JETS JETS/ Couple Injuries slowed me down so I found myself traded/ But I 8nt mad cuz in Miami there’s a buncha dudes Naked/ Turned dem Dolphins to a Winner from a Loser/ Also found out that Tedd Ginn’s dick is no junior/ Now my shoulder’s fucked up and I’m back on the curb/ But TRUST ME there are plenty of things to do on Injured Reserve

Verse 2:

I want your ball sweat extracted into a cup so after i suck that cock i can slurp up your nut- drippin cum down the side of my face i realize i need that dick in my ass another one in my face/ if u 8nt at least 9 inches get the fuck out my crib/ Teeny ass penis Id rather fuck a horse than yo dick/ You can’t stop me from a Bukkake that you know I enjoy/ I 8nt here to fuckin talk… now go call ya boyz

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