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A Rap from Lane Kiffin’s Perspective

I like to get fucked in the butt suck nuts til they bust facials is a must semens what i lust/I like getting gangbanged by fat guys and frat guys/ fuck me in my ass guys and brash guys/ cum on my eye-lash guys and white-trash guys/ big ass black guys and dildo-strapped guys/ pull out and cum on my back guys show no tact guys/I want your ball sweat extracted into a cup so after i suck that cock i can slurp up your nut- drippin cum down the side of my face i realize i need that dick in my ass another one in my face/pull your cock out and then stick it back in/ wipe away my shit with that napkin/ lemme taste your dick after being up my butt/ Im a Nasty boy that;s the only way I fuck/ I eat two scoops of poop instead of fruity loops for breakfast/ put lil turds on a string call it my candy necklace/Tastes good, swallowing makes wood fast/ I’m Lane Kiffin a fucking cocksucking douche-bag ass/

Shout to BigVolDaddy for the inspiration

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A Rap from Ryan’s Perspective

I wanna prance and dance a lil romance fly me to france b4 i get in ya pants/ buy me high heels and eat fly meals do it up right b4 we fuck all night/ I wanna be told I’m pretty taken to different cities bought a cute kitty before you suck on these titties/ I wanna get my nails done and get my hair fixed only then will i go down and suck on yo dick/ I might be a lil shy and afraid to be me but I’m just a 15 year old girl, HE HE.

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